The New Breed Blues Band was formed in 1967 by Greg Goodman, then
 a Norfolk High School senior. Original members included
 Greg's brother Scott, Buzz Mumm, Doug Mantey, Herb Glaser, and Dave
 Filsinger. With their 'Memphis' horn section, the group dedicated
 themselves to rock music and rhythm and blues.
As their bookings grew, membership in the band changed.
 The singer's spot was filled when Goodman met Max Gronenthal
 working at Behmer's Music in Norfolk. Mumm, Mantey, and Scott Goodman
 later left the band and were replaced by Steve Smith on guitar, Doug
 Speidel on bass, and Jim Waugh on drums. Later additions and
 changes were Steve Klintberg and Bill Behmer on sax, Dan Lynn on
 trumpet and Lyman Burgess on bass.  In late 1968, the group
 recorded two soul classics, "Function at the Junction" and
 "Going Back to Miami." In 1969, The New Breed won
 the "Battle of the Bands" at the Sioux City Auditorium. Soon after,
 Greg Goodman accepted an offer to join The Smoke Ring.
 The New Breed continued into 1970, when Gronenthal left to join the
Chancellors in Lincoln.