Bobby Lowell


Inducted into The Hall of Fame in 1998, Bobby Lowell is considered to be “Nebraska’s First Rock & Roll Recording Artist”. Bobby was first exposed to pop music in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, in the late 1940’s by dancing for patrons in front of Lincoln juke joints and blues bars for tips.  Frequenting these establishments in the early 1950’s, Bobby found a love for black blues and R & B music before the dawn of “Rock & Roll”.  He learned and performed Blues classics with black entertainers in the Lincoln-Omaha area years before Bill Haley transformed his rockin’-country sound to something Allen Freed penned “Rock & Roll” and prior to Elvis Presley’s legendary Sun Recording sessions.

Bobby and Jim Akin (on lead guitar), recorded Nebraska’s first “Rock & Roll” record in 1956 on “Roto Records”, then located at 21st and “O” streets in Lincoln.  “Umm Baby-Baby” charted throughout the Midwest – and paved the way for thousands of young rockers to form a band and make records.  Recorded as “Bobby Lowell & The Rock-A-Boogie Boys”, they recorded a second single for ROTO, a cover of “16-Chicks”, both of which are considered to be Rock-A-Billy” classics.  These highly sought after singles are traded throughout the world and have been re-recorded by hundreds.

Bobby continued to perform regionally until entering the military. By then, he had befriended a number of legendary recording artists during their performances in Lincoln and Omaha – including Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps, and Bill Haley & The Comets.

Bobby moved to south Texas in the 1960’s, but returned to Lincoln in the mid-1980’s.  He exploded on the regional music scene again with a series of recordings around 1985 – including a fine album of originals and covers, including remakes of “Umm Baby-Baby” and “16 Chicks”.
He also released an EP and several singles during this era.

Long associated with Lincoln’s Tribesmen Motorcycle Club, they are pictured along with Bobby on the picture sleeve of his mid-80's release of "Iron Pony".

At Bobby’s 1998 Induction into The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame, he stunned the crowd with powerful renditions of his hits “Umm Baby-Baby” and “16 Chicks”.  Inspired by his performance at Lincoln’s Royal Grove, Bobby’s recording career again took off. In 1999, over 43 years since his first record, Bobby is again deeply involved in recording new tunes for his fans.

Entering the studio in Lincoln in late 1998, Bobby recorded 4 sides to be released by MAC Records (on 45-vinyl) in Belgium. The first single, “Cadillac Man” & “I Miss You” was released in June, 1999, with a classic 45 picture sleeve showing Bobby Lowell with a Cadillac convertible and ‘babe from heaven’.  The single from MAC Records in anticipated in the fall of 1999.

In recent months, Bobby has been featured in a number of “Rock-A-Billy” magazines throughout the world, including a 3-page feature article in “The Rockin’ 50’s” magazine from Germany.  He has also been featured in a number of motorcycle magazines over the last few months.

In late 1998, Bobby was also inducted into “The Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame”.  His extensive web site can be found under ‘Inductees’ at .




Aligning himself with Bob Timmers from the “Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame”, a CD of original tunes was released on the “Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame” label in May, 1999.  A 45-RPM vinyl single was extracted from this CD and also released in May .  Several cuts on the CD feature the legendary Nebraska rocker, Janice K. – known as both “The Lady Elvis” and “The Rock-A-Billy Rose”.  Janice K. also has an extensive web site section as an inductee in “The Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame”.

Another recent session produced a 45-single to be released as the first
of a series of singles entitled  “Rock-A-Billy 2000” by the Rock-A Billy
Hall of Fame.  Bobby Lowell and great Lincoln rocker, Jim Cidlik, will pay tribute on this single to “Marshall Lytle & Haley’s Comets”. Rockin’ versions of “Shake, Rattle & Roll” and “Rip It Up” were cut and scheduled for release in the summer of 1999.  Marshall Lytle, Bill Haley’s first bass player endorsed the single and will be pictured on the sleeve.  Lytle has also supplied a number of new tunes
to be released on Lowell’s new Internet Music Site.

A number of new Bobby Lowell tunes are now being recorded and, along with tunes recorded earlier in his career, will soon be available soon ‘on-line’ in MP-3 format.

Unlike many rockers that are content to live with the memories of a “1-Hit Record”, Bobby Lowell continues to ‘rock-on’ after close to 50 years of performing Blues, R & B, and Rock & Roll music.   There
appears to be no end in sight to this classic rocker’s energy and desire

to “Keep Rockin”.  Bobby Lowell is surely “Nebraska’s First Rocker”

and is still recording and releasing fine rock records into the “21st Century”.