Sandy Jackson was Omaha's first disc jockey, and it all started
 in 1944 when Sandy got the chance to do a live one hour show from 11
 to midnight on KBON radio. Sandy soon added an afternoon show
 called "The Rhythm Inn", and by 1946, he was on the air opposite WOW's new
 radio host, Johnny Carson. In 1950, Sandy moved to KOWH with "The Sandy
 Jackson Show", and was with them until his move to KOIL in the late fifties.
In 1964, Sandy was forced to make a choice between KOIL and a teen club
 he was opening. Sandy decided to leave KOIL and "Sandy's Escape" opened on
 December 31, 1964, with 2 popular local groups performing, The Rumbles and
The Chevrons. Over 400 teens flocked to Sandy's each Friday, Saturday and
 Sunday night, paying a dollar to do the jerk, krug, swim, dog and twist
 on the upstairs floor or in the basement echo chamber dubbed the
 "dungeon" by it's inhabitants.  In 1967, "Scene", a national
 magazine, named "Sandy's" as the "Swingin' Spot" in Nebraska, but with
 the psychedelic music movement there came a wilder teen crowd, new
problems,and in 1969, Sandy's Escape, the most successful
 and only remaining Omaha teen club, closed it's doors.