In 1958, Gary Budde and Dave Gates, both of Wisner, NE and
Doc Rauss of Pilger, NE got together to form a rock band.  This band
became The Shadows.  With Gary on lead, Doc on rhythm/vocals, and Dave
on drums, they practiced whenever they could get together.  That summer their
first job was at The Wisner Stock Show.  The stage was a hay wagon
parked in the middle of a ball diamond.
 As soon as the music started,  the drums fell over and the microphone started
to rock back and forth.  Singing was difficult and just keeping ones balance
was like walking during an earthquake.  However, the band and crowd
loved it..and they were ready for anything.
Dave left the band later that year for Military Service.  Upon being
discharged, he played with many different bands through the years.  He was
living out a teenager’s dream.  He played with groups in the U.S. and overseas.
 Sadly, in late 1998, Dave passed away during a visit with his family at Wayne, NE.
Ed Loewe and Dick Kuhlberg, from the Howells, NE area, joined
Gary and Doc in mid-1959.  With Ed on bass and Dick on drums, they became
known as The Teen Rogues.  They played at local dances and also
contacted Civic Leaders in other areas to obtain sponsorship for teen dances in
those communities.  Later that year, Dick left the band for Military Service and Harry
Pokorny from Howells, NE took over as the group’s drummer.
Also, during this time, Dale Kudlac of Pender, NE joined the group, playing
the saxophone.  Unfortunately, conflicts in scheduling caused Dale to
leave the group after a short time.
In 1960, Denny Steckler of Hooper, NE took over booking dates for the
group.  This allowed Gary Budde more time to concentrate on the band.  Denny,
along with C & M. Enterprises in Sioux City, Iowa (Dick Matousek – owner
and manager of The Velaires – Jamie Records) expanded The Teen Rogues performance
territory.  The band found most weekends booked at school dances, skating rinks
and even playing some Sunday afternoon gigs at teen dances at Merritt Beach in
Omaha, NE.  They were regular performers at the legendary “Kings Ballroom” in
Norfolk, NE – playing alongside local groups such as Ron Thompson & The Broughams
and Don Sohl & The Roadrunners as well as national touring acts like Buddy
Knox & The Rhythm Orchids, Johnny & The Hurricanes, The Velaires,
Del Shannon, Bill Black’s Combo and The String-A-Longs.
The Teen Rogues were honored to participate in The First “Rhythm Festival” in Sioux
City, Iowa performing their “Rock-A-Billy” style of music.  Although several recordings
were done, all that exist today are several 78- RPM and 45- RPM acetates.
In 1962, the group disbanded.  However, members continued to perform
in locals groups such as The Classics, The Kimberlys, and The Larry Marik Quartet.
 Ed Loewe moved to California and played with the regionally popular “Royal
Monarchs”.  They were the house band for a while at the famous “Cinnamon
Cinder” Club and backed many popular national artists of the day.  Several Royal
Monarch records are highly collectable today with many collectors seeking vintage
“surf” records for their collections.
Currently, Gary Budde lives in Norfolk, NE, Doc Rauss in Wayne, NE, Ed Loewe
in Fremont, NE, Harry Pokorny in Howells, NE and Dick Kuhlberg in California.  They
will regroup in 1999 for their first performance since 1962 during their induction into
The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame in July in Norfolk, NE.