Dick Matousek (back row middle) with The Velaires 1961

Dick grew up in a musical family where both his father and brother,
Danny Matousek were professional musicians.  Dick’s early music career consisted

mostly of singing with his brother Danny at talent shows and school functions.

While attending college in 1959, Dick spotted an opportunity to make some
money by booking his brother’s band, then called The Screamers.  The Screamers

eventually changed their name to The Flaires, then The Velaires, and became

one of the most popular, talented and respected rock bands in the Midwest.

Based out of Sioux City, Iowa – they paved the way for many great rock

bands to come out of the Sioux City area.

As The Screamers, they released one of the most legendary records of its time
“I Dig” released on Kay Bank Records.  As The Flaires, they released “Roll Over

Beethoven” on Palms Records.  This was picked up by Jamie Records and

released as “The Velaires”.  The Velaires appeared on Dick Clark’s

American Bandstand in Philadelphia and scored other regional hits on Jamie,

including “Dream” and “Ubangi Stomp”.

With the success of The Velaires, featuring Dick’s brother Danny – C & M
Enterprises was officially formed in late 1959.  This became a full time booking

agency until Dick and his partner; Bob Masteller closed the doors in 1968.

 Dick reopened the agency on a part-time basis from 1970 to 1978.

Some of the bands booked through C & M Enterprises included The Flames,
The Teen Beats, The Hi-Fives, The Casuals, The Charades, The Scavengers,

Burch Ray & The Walkers, Lee James, The Imperials, T. J. & The Toreadors,

The Ravens, Patch of Blue (with Tommy Bolin), The Satellites,

Jay Bee & The Kats, Greg Scott & The Embers, The Radicals, The Bandidos,

The Mustangs, The Colonial Ruffians, The Bleach Boys, The Shattoes, Spyder

& The Crabs, Steve Ellis & The Starfires, and The Dodge Boys.

C & M Enterprises also booked Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Inductees,
such as Don Sohl & The Roadrunners, The Classics, & The Smoke Ring.

C & M Enterprises would occasionally contract with “name” entertainers,
paring them with one of their own bands.  These included Buddy Knox, Bobby

Vinton, Wanda Jackson, George Hamilton IV, Jimmy Clanton and The Astronauts

(with Ogallala, Nebraska’s Rich Fifield).

Rooms played by C & M bands included the legendary Roof Garden at
Okoboji, IA – The Archers Ballrooms in Iowa and South Dakota, The Valhalla

Ballroom in Slayton, MN, Danceland in Cedar Rapids, IA, The Cobblestone

in Storm Lake, IA, The Skylon in Hartington, NE, and The Col in Davenport, IA.

 They sent bands on tours of Canada and his brother’s band; The Velaires did stints

in Hawaii, Disneyland and a 6-week tour of a military base in Greenland.

Dick has been involved with major national recording labels as a producer
and was involved in the reformation of The Velaires to perform at The Roof

Garden in Arnolds Park, IA (Lake Okoboji) at their induction into The

Rock Music Hall of Fame.  Dick Matousek’s efforts to bring live rock

music to the youth of Nebraska started many young musicians on

their way to successful music careers.

Dick Matousek’s efforts as Manager of one of the great rock
bands in Midwest history “The Velaires” and his efforts as owner of

C & M Enterprises earns him a place in The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame.