Marv Konnapasek opened the “Goody Shoppe” as a small diner
on the corner of Petring Motors car lot, across from The Granada

Theatre, in 1956.  The Good Shoppe had only eight seats and in order

to get into the kitchen, Marv had to jump over the counter.

 Sometimes it would be so busy that customers would be lined up

three deep behind each stool, with Marv taking their orders,

so when someone got up to leave, the next person could be seated

and fed.  Recalls Norfolkan, Bob Hupp, “Jim Casey and I would serve

mass at 5:45 over at Sacred Heart Church.  Then we would head

for The Goody Shoppe and have eggs and toast for breakfast.

 It probably cost all of thirty-five cents, with money

left over for a doughnut!”

In 1958, Marv was joined by his brother Wayne Konnapasek and
opened the Double K Drive-In in the 1200 block of Pasewalk

Avenue, behind the Mobil Gas Station.  The interior of the drive-in

had 25 seats and room for 40 cars in th elot with carhops.  It was

the first eatery in Norfolk to sell soft-serve ice cream and

broasted chicken.  Marv Konnapasek’s memories of Norfolk

in the late fifties are vivid.  “Sometimes it would get so busy on

the weekends, with kids driving the main drag of Norfolk and

through the Double-K that police would come and direct

traffic on Norfolk Avenue and Pasewalk Avenue, just to

keep things flowing on Friday night.  Sometimes things would

get wild.  I remember one time that several teenagers were

harrassing each another kid in the parking lot by rocking his car

back and forth.  One thing led to another and before you knew it,

they had tipped the car over on it’s side, right out in our lot.”

In 1964 the new Double K opened at it’s current location,
at the corner of Omaha Avenue and Thirteenth Street.  It continued

to serve indoors and outdoors with carhops until 1968.  Marv’s

son, Rick joined the firm in the early 70’s and is still with the

Double-K as catering manager, along with his father

Marvin and his uncle Wayne.

Most Northeast Nebraskans have delicious memories of the
famous Double-K onion rings, Pork on two, Broasted Chicken

and creamy shakes.  In this fast food age, the days of Double-K

hamburgers, fries, and a jukebox, seem to have a special place

in one’s heart, and stomach.