Dietze Music in Lincoln was quick to expand mage from a traditional
music store to an establishment that catered to rock and roll musicians
in the mid-50’s – making it the place to go for rock gear in the mid
to late 1950’s.  Early Lincoln, NE rock musicians like Bobby
Lowell, Jim Akin, Jim Cidlik, Pat Glenn, Greg Bloom, Denny Zager,
Rick Evans and many others found the instruments, keyboards,
amps and PA gear readily available at Dietze Music in the early
days of Lincoln, NE rock and roll.

In the 1960’s – legendary Lincoln Bands likeThe Eccentrics (Zager & Evans) ,
The Coachmen, J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles, The Knights of Day,
Big Red & The Psychotics and all the others found Dietze Music
the place to go for fine rock and roll gear.

Touring bands playing in Lincoln like Gene Vincent & The Blue-Caps,
Carl Perkins & The Perkins Brothers, The Fabulous Flippers, The
Ventures, Johnny Rivers, The Dave Clark Five, Doug Clark & The Hot-Nuts,
The Kingsmen, The Red Dogs, The Blue-Things,  Dani & The
Roulettes, The Astronauts, Chad & Jeremy, The MC-5,
Ronnie & The Daytona’s, and many other fine 60’s groups all sought out
Dietze Music for picks, tubes, amp and last minute PA repair.

Dietze Music, while still very active in traditional music store needs
like band equipment, keyboards, sheet music and musical instrument
repair and instruction, continues to be the “place to go” for cutting edge rock
& roll instruments for the musicians still making great music into the 21st Century.