Named after famed Omaha turn-of- the- century madam Fay Hoagan –
they were Nebraska’s first and best psychedelic band.  Not
following the trend of other Nebraska bands moving into soul influenced
RB music – they patterned themselves after groups like Moby Grape,
The Jefferson Airplane, The Jimmy Hendrix Experiment, Vanilla Fudge and Crème.

Decked out in Nehru-jackets, flared bell-bottomed pants, peace-necklaces
and shoulder lengthed hair – they took the Midwest by storm – playing
psychedelic covers and originals drawing huge crowds.  They were
mainstays at the legendary Sandy’s Escape in Omaha, NE – won several
regional Battle of the Bands contests and played for a major “Peace
Rally” in Lincoln, NE in the late 60’s to every hippie in a 300 mile radius.

They were complimented by “The Retinal Circus Light Show”
which flooded their stage show with stills, movies, and pulsating
oil-lamp. Images throughout their show.  They paved the way for many other
regional bands playing this popular type of music into the 70’s.

Fay Hoagan Experiment was signed to record with Buddah-White
Whale producers “Kasenetz & Katz” – who earlier had national hits with
Nebraska artists like The Smoke Ring (Buddah – “No Not Much”) and
Professor Morrison’s Lollipop (formerly The Coachmen) –
(White Whale Records – “You Got The Love”). They made a decision
to not sign as the producers wanted only their lead singer to perform
songs written by their staff and not original Fay Hoagan material.
  Unfortunately, there are no released recordings available by this
great groundbreaking band – but they are remembered by many for their
mind-blowing performances and visual light show.  Members Bob Davis
and Otto Spalti have continued in the music business throughout the years.
 Davis operates Jam Palace Studios in Lincoln, NE who recently
produced recordings by Lincoln’s first rocker, Bobby Lowell and a
compilation CD by The Coachmen.  Spalti performed for years with
internationally known Lincoln rocker – Charlie Burton.  The Faye
Hoagan Experiment will unite for the first time in over 25 years at
their induction into The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame
in Lincoln, NE on August 21, 1999.