Little Joe and the Ramrods was formed by guitarist and
 pianist, Joe Hupp. His early groups included Dino
 Reeves, Doug Speidel, Mike Sund, Leland Grieves,
 Terry Zobel, Larry Young, John Schrad and Gene
 Hammerlun. Taking the cue from his early heroes,
 Hupp took the group to Oklahoma City and recorded
 B.B. Limbo and Yogi Twist, two excellent rock records
 that appeared on the Soma label.
Little Joe and the Ramrods continued recording,
 cutting Somebody Touched Me, Oop Poo Pa Doo, and
 We Belong Together for Studio City Records out
 of Minneapolis.
This success came to a sudden halt, when after
 a disagreement, Hupp found himself without a band.
 At the same time, The Strollers were losing
 their drummer, and after some discussion, both
 bands decided to join. Within two months, the
 band had expanded, adding former Stroller, Chuck
 Asmus on vocals, Nick Hupp on bass, John Schrad
 on sax, and moving Jerry Benjamin to drums. This
 seven piece band would some day become The Smoke Ring.