“Nebraska Rocks” created a new inductee category in 2000 to honor persons of technical expertise. The initial inductee in this category goes to Don Ratliff of Norfolk, NE who through his devotion to The Hall of Fame and technical expertise has given thousands of hours of his time in the production of Hall of Fame Shows.

His presence and willingness to assist in the concerts behind the scenes allows these complex shows to come across as smooth productions and without delays.   “Guitar Don” not only acts as a guitar tech, tuning guitars for the many performers, but also assisting in backstage coordination, scheduling, security for instruments and anything else needed behind the scenes.

A devoted “KISS” fan, Don has also purchased tuners and instruments for the performers to use in Hall of Fame productions.  He is there “when we need him” and has been an integral part of Nebraska Hall of Fame Shows since their inception in 1994.  Without Don Ratliff behind the scenes trying to sort out the equipment needs of as many as 6 bands per concert and as many as 70 performers on some
shows, the concerts would not be as professional
as they are presented.

The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame and “Nebraska Rocks” salutes Don Ratliff and his important part in the presentation of their shows throughout Nebraska.