Dave Robel joined his first band, "The Minutemen", in 1965.
Later in 1966, "Country Dave" joined up with "The Acquired 5"
and did Hank Williams and Ernest Tubb cover tunes.  He played
with a number of bands before hooking up with Charlie Burton
in 1973.  He also recorded with the legendary Bobby Lowell and
Janice K, (The Lady Elvis) besides touring most of the U.S. and Europe
with Burton, Evan Johns and The H-Bombs.  After Burton left for Austin
in 1991, Dave joined up with "Shithook", which consists of ex-Hiccup
members.  "Hook" continues to play in the Lincoln area and recently
released a critically acclaimed CD titled "When a Boyscout Gets
The Blues.

For more information on Dave Robel, check out his page at The Rockabilly Hall of Fame!