Based out of Lincoln, this early 60's band is considered
to be one of the best rock bands to ever some out of Nebraska.
Not only did they have "cool" bouffant hairdos, they also cut
two excellent 45's on the Applause label.  The first, "Share Me/
Stars", reached #11 on the KLMS Nifty Fifty in September of 1964.
In 1965, they cut "Nighttime Noontime/I Still Love You".
These songs, written by member Rick Evans, featured great vocal work
and also showcased the talents of drummer, Dave Trupp.
Other members were Denny Zager, Denzil Mills, and Jerry Wingate.
Zager and Evans later went on to record the hit "In The Year 2525"
which reached #1 on the national charts in 1969.