The Echoes, Columbus, Nebraska's first rock band, were formed in
1962 with original members Joe Swirczek, Tom Obal, Keith Goins
and Jerry Frey.  They were influenced by other area groups such
as Little Joe & The Ramrods and The Strollers from Norfolk, and
touring groups such as The Fabulous Flippers and The Checkmates.
 The band played area sock hops, school proms, teen dances, and
ballrooms in Nebraska, South Dakota and Kansas.  They played
over 83 cities and towns in Nebraska alone.

The band met and began playing music together in Jr. High School,
and were energized by the talents of Keith Goins, who became one
of the best guitarists in Nebraska.  The group grew from 4 to 6
members, with the addition of Dennis Goins and Jim Brouse.
Their popularity grew through the mid-60's, with many new fans as
well as old, playing for crowds from 500 to 800 people every
weekend.  The Echoes opened for national acts The Beau Brummels
and Gary Lewis & The Playboys at King's Ballroom in Shelby.

The Vietnam War and draft caused the band to break up, as with
many other groups during that time.  Jim Brouse was killed in a
traffic accident, but his memory lives on with the
other members to this day.

Keith and Denny Goins later joined Hall of Fame inductee
"The Chancellors".  Upon leaving The Chancellors, Keith Goins
joined The Smoke Ring, and later joined with Tommy Shaw of
Styx and Damn Yankees fame in a band called MS Funk.

The Echoes will always be remembered as one of the top
Nebraska bands of the 60's.  They played rock & roll the way
it was meant to be played, and paved the way
for many others to do the same.