Bart Becker started The Hallucinations in Schuyler in 1965 with guitarist Kenny Lee and drummer David Cook.  In Lincoln in the 70's and 80's, he played in Rick & The Rockets, led by Columbus's Kent Apthorpe, with the South Street Shakers, collaborated with Danny Meldon on the musical "WHOT Radio", and played with Pinky Black and The Excessives (1982-85), which featured Butch Berman on guitar.  The always rockin' Excessives released two singles "Givin' It Up To Daddy/(Do The) 64 Dances" and "Crazy Baby/Intimate Information" and an album, "Oogum Boogum", on Real Gone Records.

In 1985, his book, "Til The Cows Come Home", a history of Nebraska rock & roll, was
published.  It received rave reviews in the Village Voice, Stereo
Review, and other magazines and became a worldwide cult success, garnering kudos from rock & roll fans at all levels, including Bruce Springsteen.  Since 1985, Bart has resided in Seattle, where he has worked as an international journalist and writer.  His current musical project is the Blind Quartet, and he is writing a series of music themed short stories called "Last Set At The Pressure Drop".