Mike Sund was born in 1944 and attended Norfolk Junior
 High and High School. He was an exceptional athlete,
 but soon turned his interest to music.
Mike was an original member of several Norfolk rock
 bands, including David Lee and the Continentals, The
 Classics, Little Joe and the Ramrods, and The
He was a gifted Rhythm and Blues singer and
 guitarist, and he started many young musicians on
 their way. Mike loved to dance, and choreography
 was always a high point of his shows. His original
 "Mike Sund Diamond Step" was a standard stage move
 in Norfolk. As Roger Volk, of The Smoke Ring recalls,
 "You could always spot Mike on the dance floor, with
 his red socks and trench coat. He was one of a
 kind." Jim Casey, also of The Smoke Ring, added,
 "Mike taught us how to be cool."
Mike passed away in Omaha, at age 41