Mitch (MItchell John) Bosn was born April 18, 1955, to George and Opal Bosn in Atkinson, Nebraska. He attended and graduated from O'neill St. Mary's High School in May of 1973. After High School, Mitch attended Wayne State College in Nebraska, but a yearning to travel took him to the West Coast where he worked and lived with Chuck and Kelly Appleby in Oregon. Mitch returned to O'neill and family for awhile, before striking out for California. Mitch loved the weather and exciting atmosphere of California but, his love of family was always stronger and he once again returned to O'neill, this time to stay. His Mother, Opal Bosn recalls that, "Mitch never really liked the big city. O'neill was just right for him, he knew everyone and everyone knew Mitch." Mitch had a love and understanding of music that superceded many of his friends. While others were content to listen to albums and the radio, Mitch made live music his priority. "Mitch Bosn was a ringleader of 'the O'neill bunch'," Remembers musician Jim Casey. "It never surprised me to see Mitch show up at a gig, no matter how, far, in Wyoming or South Dakota or O'neill. Mitch was a driving force and an organizer. The first time I saw Mitch in the 70's with that curly hair and his 'illegal smile' I thought, 'oh, oh, here's trouble', And I was right! But the best kind of trouble. Mitch became a friend of many of us musicians and was true blue to his friends. When my son, Matt, had leukemia at age 3, I remember Mitch being one of the first ones at Matt's benefit in Norfolk. He was there from 11 in the morning till one the next morning. Mitch meant so much to my family and all us musicians." In early 1982,Mitch Bosn bravely fought Cancer for 7 months but joined his Heavenly Father on September 14, 1982. Mitch's younger brother, Tom, has carried on the musical tradition in the family, and is one of Nebraska's most accomplished guitarists. In addition to his mother and father, Mitch is survived by his sister, Karen, and three brothers, Charlie, Tony, and Tom. Nebraska Rock n Roll Hall of Fame founder Jim Casey candidly states, "Mitch Bosn exemplified the amazing musical heart and spirit of O'neill people and truly earned the Hall of Fame honor, Ultimate Fan."