The Chevrons, one of the most popular bands to come out of Omaha

 in the sixties, started out as an instrumental surf band but ultimately

 became known for their vocal harmonies.  Original members Greg Fox, Denny

 O'Malley, Phil Peterson, and Mike Vogltanz all attended the same grade

 school. Later additions to the band included Bob Lipsey, Al Morris, Mike

 Nuccio, John Roode and Larry Villone.  The Chevrons played a variety of

 music in the early days ranging from surf music to soul, including such

 groups as The Hollies, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, and the

 Mamas and the Papas. In the later stages, they performed hits by The

 Association, Three Dog Night, Jimi Hendrix, Chicago, and the Sons of


The Chevrons were the first live band to play at Sandy's Escape in

 Omaha, and traveled with Sandy Jackson to record hops where they played

during his breaks. They also gave birth to, and opened Tanglewood Ranch, a

 successful teen club in North Omaha.  They were voted Omaha's most popular

band in a local newspaper poll in 1966, and opened for such name acts as The

Dave Clark Five, The Association, and The Zombies.

The Chevrons released two singles, "Love I Love You/Dream", which was

 released on both the MMC and Independence Labels, and "Mine Forever

 More/In the Depths of My Soul", released on the Independence label. These are

 considered some of the best pop/rock vocals ever to come out of the Midwest.