The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame

The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame was formed in 1994 by Nashville, TN musician and songwriter, Jim Casey, to honor Nebraska based musicians and those involved in the musical entertainment business, who have made an impact on the Nebraska, Midwest, National and International Music scene. They are honored for their involvement in recordings, live performances, songwriting and all other aspects of the musical entertainment industry.

Induction Concerts have been held in Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont, Columbus, Norfolk and Mitchell, Nebraska. We thank the many musicians and fans that have helped us compile a short history of music in Nebraska and who have given us suggestions for Nebraska Music Hall of Fame induction's.

It should be noted that all inductees to date have not been chosen in any particular order, by popularity or record sales. In most cases, induction was approved by Hall of Fame Board through recommendations from fans, other musicians and the availability of inductees to perform at live Hall of Fame shows, when possible. Certainly many other fine musicians, recording artists, songwriters and others involved in the entertainment industry from Nebraska will be considered for induction in the future and hopefully be able to perform or attend one of our regularly scheduled Hall of Fame shows. Suggestions for induction can be made at any time to the Hall of Fame website at the end of this section.



The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Foundation is to honor Nebraska Musicians and other pioneers for their contribution to the Nebraska music scene. The Foundation will also strive to promote and protect all Nebraska Music and it's history. Long term goals include the establishment of a permanent home for the Hall of Fame to display memorabilia, instruments, photos, sound recordings, etc. of all Nebraska Artists, and to eventually incorporate a performing arts complex, lecture hall and recording studio to be used by aspiring Nebraska Artists, along with inductees.

Funds are solicited through tax deductible donations from individuals, grants, trusts, and corporations. The Hall of Fame also plans to offer scholarships to Nebraska Music Students, and grants to deserving Nebraska Artists. Special thanks to Butch Berman and the Berman Music Foundation for their continued support and their contribution to help making the Hall of Fame a non-profit entity.

A Message from Jim Casey

(Hall of Fame Founder)


"Those were the days that Dreems were made of. It seems so long ago, but just like yesterday. I used to lay on my bed and inspect every square inch of my precious 45 records. I was hypnotized by the music of Ron Thompson and the Broughams' Tiki Guitar", and Dick Allison's "Dream World of Love". The label said Dreem Records, and the address was 203 E. Prospect Avenue, Norfolk, Nebraska. I talked my Dad into taking us out for a ride, just so we could drive by 203 E. Prospect Avenue, to see if such a place really existed. When we got back home, I ran in and put a stack of records on my red, 45 mono changer. The Broughams, Lou Berry & The Bel-Raves, Don Sohl & The Roadrunners - all were on Dreem Records.

I listened to The Velaires, a great band from nearby Sioux City, Iowa - who had charted nationally in 1960 on the same label as Duane Eddy (Jamie) - a great version of "Roll Over Beethoven". And yes, I played Elvis, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly, too.

The idea that so many of these songs were recorded right here in Nebraska blew me away, and I wanted more. And there was so much more, if one dug a little deeper. Preston Love and Wynonie Harris, Gene McDaniels, Carl Cherry, Sparkle Moore and The Eccentrics, all drew me to the stage till one day I was on the stage.

From Oscar's Palladium to the basement of the Hill Hotel, we played our "Ax's" in B-flat gear and danced, heading for another sunrise as we pulled back into town.

After the band dropped me off, I would sit on my front porch and listen to the birds till daybreak, afraid that if I went into the house, my dream would be over. I have woken up from that dream, and those 1950's records are as real to me today as they were over 40 years ago. I believe the music in Nebraskans is as endless as our panoramic sunset, and as the music travels in circles, so do we, back together again and again at our induction and reunion concerts. These, indeed, are the days that Dreems are made of.

Jim Casey, founder

The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Foundation