Ron Tuccitto, raised in South Omaha began playing rock music for the

 public at age 14. He was one of the first electric bass players

 in Omaha. One of his first professional jobs was to record and

 tour with rock-a-billy legend, Carl Cherry. Cherry scored a major hit in

 1959 with his Tene records recording of "The Itch". Tuccitto also played

 in other early Omaha bands: The Impacts, The Berry Brothers, Johnny Ray Gomez,

 The Uneeks, and the Sen-Say-Shuns with brothers Dick and Ross. Also performing

 in the Sen-Say-Shuns was blues legend "Bugsy" Maugh...later to play with The

 Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Todd Rundgren.

Around 1978, Tuccitto formed The Mob, along with Dave Halverson and Joe Beck.

 Mike Semrad, formerly with The Nomads J. Harrison B. and the Bumbles, and

The Smoke Ring, joined in 1986.

 Semrad and Tuccitto continued to perform with The Mob until Tuccitto's untimely

 death on February 27th, 1998 in a vehicle accident while going to a dance

 job in Lincoln. Other early members included Wayne Jacobson and

 Scott Cody.

Unlike many other great rockers who lose their passion for playing, Tuccitto

 continued to play in bands almost continuously from 1956 to 1998...over 41

 years till the time of his death at age 54.  The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame

 will honor Tuccitto, not only by induction into the Hall of Fame, but also by naming

 an award in his memory to musicians who display "a passionate devotion to a

 lifetime of music" to be awarded annually.